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We are blessed to have numerous friends who are pastors and not just pastors but solid preachers who consistently deliver clear teaching from Scripture. Their sermons have played an increasingly edifying role in our lives since moving to France as we’re able to listen in via podcast. (A podcast is simply the regular, automatic delivery of an audio file, in this case MP3’s of sermons.) While we attend a great church here, we still desire–like those to whom we’re preparing to minister in Cameroon–to hear God’s word preached in our own language, which will continue to be the language we understand best.

Just today I was listening and Emily said, “wow, this is so good for keeping up with our friends.” So, I thought I’d better blog and share the goodness. Here’s a list of the podcasts to which we subscribe and listen regularly. Check these out and leave your suggestions in the comments for others we should check out.


  • Jim Upchurch  (First Baptist Church of Gibsonville, NC), currently preaching through Philippians. Listen
  • Andy Davis (First Baptist Church of Durham, NC), currently preaching through Hebrews. Listen
  • Jonathan Chandler (Union View Baptist Church, NC), currently preaching through 2 Peter. Listen
  • Jan Vezikov (Mosaic Boston), varied. Listen
  • Jacob Atchley (the Church at Martinsburg, WV), varied. Listen
  • Matt Chandler (The Village Church, TX), about to begin Galatians. Listen

We listen to several other podcasts, too. The church we wish had a podcast? Our church here. Then we could relisten and relisten and relisten.


What podcasts do you love? We’d love to hear your suggestions.


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