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Across the Whole

Over the weekend I took in the latest episode of the OnScript podcast, a podcast dedicated to presenting “conversations on current biblical scholarship.” Featured in this episode is British Eastern Orthodox priest and theologian John Behr who has translated several works by Early Church Fathers such as Origen and Irenaeus. I appreciated his comments on […]

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We are blessed to have numerous friends who are pastors and not just pastors but solid preachers who consistently deliver clear teaching from Scripture. Their sermons have played an increasingly edifying role in our lives since moving to France as we’re able to listen in via podcast. (A podcast is simply the regular, automatic delivery […]

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The Legacy of the Bible in Translation

The latest edition of The World in Words podcast features the legacy of the Bible in translation. Here’s a direct link to the MP3 of the episode (and here’s the podcast’s RSS feed if you’d like to subscribe). The first half highlights the lasting impact of the King James Version while the second introduces erstwhile Christian […]

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