Finding Out

I calculated: 12 weeks. I noticed that funny little pooch that I remember getting around 16 weeks the last time. But ah, I’ve been pregnant twice already and I’ve been eating everything and anything since I arrived from living in Africa. So, I put the pooch down to too much fish and chips.

“Are you good with surprises?” Rob asked me.  He was young I found out, 27, but the senior sonographer I later learnt.  We were already looking at one on the screen and he had pointed out a good strong heart beat.  I was in the process of breathing a sigh of relief, as all new expectant mothers do after enduring that time between peeing on the stick to seeing and hearing that first heart beat. Yeh, I’m good with surprises.

Oh goodie, I thought, he can make out the gender. Now, cut me some slack. I’ve just come from living in a place where most people don’t have running water–it’s like being stuck back in time. I didn’t know what advances had been made since I was last in the country. 😉

I gave Rob a cheery thumbs up and said, “Great! What’s your surprise?”

“There’s two!”

Those words will forever ring in my ears.


  1. Tom and Nikki Bojanski   •  

    Congratulations!! We’d love to see all 6 of you when you are in North Carolina. Tom & Nikki

  2. Jeniver   •  

    Congratulations! Praying for health for you all!

    Love in Christ, Michel and Jeniver and Family!

  3. Jeniver   •  

    Would you like a plethora of cloth diapers? I make them…

  4. JW   •  

    What a hilarious picture! Hardly recognized Drew with the head of hair and suspenders. Can’t wait to see you guys. Thirteen days but who’s counting…

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