Sew Emily

I first began sewing at age 11. That’s when I took to my first sewing project. Today I’m moving forward. I find myself in the perfect location, surrounded by endless vibrant, dramatic prints. Sewing is calling out to me.

After the fun experience of Bama Meets Britain, I’ve decided that video logs are my favourite form of social media. While it’s true that a photo speaks a thousand words, a video speaks even louder.

I’ve felt like I wanted to join a sewing community, to get involved. So, here I go—Sew Emily—talking weekly about my sewing and crafting projects. I’ll show you what I’ve made and how I’ve made it. I’ll reveal my struggles and what I learnt from them. And, I’ll be showing plenty of wax print fabric along the way.

If you are interested in crafts or sewing, join me as I start at the beginning, as I juggle life with twins and littles, as I dream daring dreams of filling my wardrobe with me-made originals. It’ll be fun.

Now for the first installment—”The Seamstress Tag.”

Celebrating Good Times

Moments ago songs of celebration and thanksgiving rang out in our branch auditorium where earlier today we held the closing ceremony for the third and final part in a series of new translator workshops designed based on orality and resulting in a preliminary draft of the book of Ruth. Participants from four different languages of Cameroon took part in what we can be described as enriching and capacity-building first steps towards translating the Bible into their “treasure language.” Watch the video and celebrate with us. 💃

Changed Lives – New Wycliffe Video

Here’s the description of the latest Wycliffe USA promo video:

We all have something we’re waiting for, something that we look forward to with eager anticipation. Usually it’s something short-term, like a birthday, holiday or maybe even retirement. But there are people all around the world who are still waiting for the best gift of all: God’s Word in their own language. Some have waited for decades. And this summer, you can help end that wait in 103 languages around the world. Join us in bringing words of hope to these language groups in 14 different countries. Wycliffe’s mission is to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025. To download this video, go to