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Handing Off Bible Translation in Ethiopia

Christianity Today has a great story from Ethiopia about the “handing-off” of the work Bible translation to national translators: The Gospel Hand-Off.This story highlights some the roles that Wycliffe is playing in translation today. We can’t help but rejoice at the increased involvement in Bible translation by so-called “target” communities. May we all see ourselves […]

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So Much in this Way

Sorry for the nonsense title of this post. You’ll understand why shortly. Now on to the subject at hand. Have you seen the latest video from Wycliffe USA called “Translating for Understanding”? [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2kPwHq7pxY]   You can easily understand why the creators of the video chose such a well-known verse as the example passage to be […]

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Placing Bible Translation Theories in Historical Context

The following article from SIL’s Journal of Translation was incredibly helpful to me in providing contemporary context for Bible translation theories, especially meaning-based translation. Inside, you’ll find discussions and the history of terms like dynamic equivalency, meaning-based translation, functional equivalency, optimal equivalency, relevance theory, frames of reference, and skopostheorie, among helpful bibliographies and charts and graphs. The article, like the […]

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