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The Herdsman of Tekoa

I’d appreciate your feedback. To keep up with my Hebrew and Greek, every day I translate the Bible following on the suggestion by my professor Heath Thomas. I’m currently alternating between the books of Amos and James. Here’s an excerpt from Amos which I invite you to give feedback on the naturalness of the English—no […]

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Most Sentences in the Bible Begin with And

Stephen Hawking touches on a surprising topic in his autobiography My Brief History: Biblical Hebrew’s waw-consecutive. The blog Parchment and Pen sets up, tells and reflects on the excerpted episode: Hawking only mentions his “run in” with Christianity a few times. A prominent memory of the Bible was having a tutor use the Bible in English […]

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Cultural Influences in Bible Translation

If translation is simply representing a text in another language, then there is no room for cultural influences, right? Not quite. Imagine translating the Bible into a language that has never been written before. A native speaker is found who also speaks his country’s national language. The native speaker turned translator begins translation with the […]

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