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People Stop and Stare

…but that don’t bother me.” That’s the position of the star-crossed lover in My Fair Lady, but is that real life? Yesterday we ventured into the central market to do some shopping for basic necessities. Remember, one-stop shopping doesn’t exist so much here. Rather you go around the market, stall to stall, boutique to boutique […]

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Behold the Chicken of God

This week concluded week two of a francophone workshop for translation consultants in training. Brothers and sisters came from all over central Africa to participate and it’s been fun to work through translation issues together as a group. Yesterday, we discussed the appropriateness of translating John the Baptist’s exclamation “Behold the lamb of God” as […]

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Language School Fini

Friday was our last day of language school. Having started taking classes almost one year ago, it feels like we’ve just finished a marathon. What a wonderful experience it was to devote ourselves to full-time study of French this year. We have learned much about ourselves, culture, and language and had the opportunity to make […]

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