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Fish and Chips for Dinner

Today Poppy and I ran around doing errands in the afternoon.  We exchanged a dress at the mall and after visiting the bank we raided the dollar store for more ice trays and a mop head.  We found the ice trays but left the mop head, one thing to understand about the dollar store…if you’re […]

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Gun Huntin’ Rednecks

So, Emily and I had the privledge of attending a BBQ at our Pastor's house this past Friday evening. We arrived late as usual and made our way around, chatting about anything that could become conversation. The wife of one of the couples at the party had her siblings staying with her and her husband that weekend, and had brought them along to the gig. I like kids so I made small talk with the eldest boy, named Isaac, and probed his mind to see how far along his 11 year-old mind had come. Pretty bright young lad he was, conducting himself in a grown-up manner with plenty of animation along the way. I found out that his family owns a farm and that the father is a "meat cutter" (same thing as a butcher?). Well, in order to have meat to cut up, one must first subdue the soon-to-be meatlings. Hunt they must.