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Wise Beyond Years

A friend of ours has written a series of books on how husbands can pray for their wives, how wives can pray for their husbands, and how parents can pray for their children. Surprisingly, our friend is unmarried and has no kids. When we found out that he had authored these books, we couldn’t resist discussing the […]

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Etymological Root Fallacy and Dunamis

In my own words, an etymological root fallacy is anachronistic retrospective eisegesis. Dunamis (power) is most often the unfortunate victim of such shoddy (mis-)interpretation. What do I mean by this cumbersome phrase “anachronistic retrospective eisegesis”? Well, it is a looking back (retrospective) on a word which predates English (anachronistic) and forcing the meaning of a […]

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Did Jesus Come to Establish Christianity?

Work In Progress, i.e. not entirely thought out nor written out This question popped into my head while reading the Wikipedia article on Paul of Tarsus. In the article, it goes on to explain that theologians “aligned with hyperdispensation interpretation, view the ‘Pauline distinctive’ as a key to Biblical interpretation.” And furthermore that “modern Christians […]

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