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The Bitter Way of the Kola Nut

It’s impossible to predict what you’ll learn on any given day. Today, for the third day of the course I’m teaching this week I wanted to add in a little something extra for my students. Since I’m teaching in the afternoon after everyone’s just eaten but hasn’t had a nap, I often notice my students […]

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David and Goliath

Last week I helped teach the second round in our Bible Translation Principles Course, a series of six one week courses spread out over a year which seeks to train mother-tongue translators. (A mother tongue translator is a national who develops the necessary capacities to translate into his or her own language.) Twenty-one participants representing […]

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Three Teachings from John’s Gospel (MP3s)

Our Sunday School class–what our church has re-termed Bible for Life–has been going through the Gospel of John for more than a year. I’ve had the opportunity to fill in on the odd occasion that the esteemed Dr. Finn has been away on a speaking engagement, or, more recently, welcoming the newest Finnling into the […]

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