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At A Loss

Friday brought to a much-needed close the first half of what is now our third two week workshop on Luke’s gospel. In these workshops my colleagues and I, a translation consultant in training, gather together with the three translation teams that we’ve been working with for several years now and offer mentoring and training of the maturing […]

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Thank You for Thinking of Us

At a recent New Testament dedication, community leaders presented our organization with the traditional hat you see pictured above. We gratefully received the quaint token of thanks and smiled at its peculiar appearance: dried mud construction interwoven with thin string, studded with two horns and a clump of hair, and conveniently equipped with a black chin […]

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An Arm and a Leg

Several weeks ago while playing volleyball (bump, set, spike) with colleagues and translators-in-training, I stubbed my toe on a rock poking up out of the sand. The resulting scrape opened up a small “bleed” as Poppy calls them. After everyone had finished basking in the glory of the tremendous spike I just threw down (that […]

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