Piano? Violin? Flute? Guitar?

I think its fair to say that Poppy comes from a musical family even though its only her Granddad and Aunty Sally who currently pick up their instruments at least once a week.  So we thought we’d introduce Poppy to her first musical instrument early.  Let the records show that Poppy played her first note on the piano at almost 8 months old, haha!  And she took to it so well that she was even singing along by the end of it.   We’ll get her playing some Mozart soon just for her Grandad.

"La La La"



  1. Jason Webb   •  

    Have her learn Piano. Then she can easily move to any instrument with the theory involved.

  2. Grandad   •  

    I look forward to Poppy’s first recital.

  3. Granny G   •  

    Poppy, you’re growing so fast. Look at you moving and stretching to reach the piano.You’re such a little cup cake.

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