Our Visit to Monkey Joe’s

Last week Drew took Poppy and me to Monkey Joe’s.  He had seen it featured on Groupon (a daily deals website) and wanted to take us there to check it out.  Well it turned out to be quite an awesome place.  Its an indoor giant inflatables play area, thats the best I can explain it.  Its mainly big slides but there was one or two that you could run around in.  It wasn’t too busy when we first arrived but got a little busier when school groups arrived.  The place does Birthday parties and I’m thinking it would be really cool to have Poppy’s party there this year.  We found last year that having her party outside was a little bit too hot so maybe this would be a fun alternative especially as Poppy has mainly older friends and this would work well for them too.

I think Poppy was a bit overwhelmed when we first walked in but once she went down the slides a couple of times with Daddy she then warmed up and was giggling hysterically and wanting to go down the slides backwards on her tummy!!  It was so cute.  We got quite a few videos which you can see below.   One of the best things about this place is that adults can go on the inflatables with the children so we were having as much fun as Poppy!!


  1. Tammy   •  

    That slide is really steep! I love that adults can go with.

  2. Georgina Hayes   •  

    Thanks for the videos. Yes it does look fun for everyone and not at all crowded. You look as though you all had fun. Trouble is Dad, Han & I all want to join in with the fun. Hannah liked Poppy’s dress.

  3. hannah polly   •  

    excellent – she’s not a scaredy cat more of a fearless ferret! and what a super cool dress she is wearing!!

    I just wish you lived closer!!!


    • emily   •     Author

      Han Han, did you realise that was the dress and leggings you sent Poppy?

      I wish you all lived closer too. Well next year we’ll live at least a tad bit closer and we can visit eachother often!

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