The Newest Cowgirl in Town

These boots are made for walkin’ and thats just what they’ll do, even in 100 degree weather when they are on Poppy’s feet.

Poppy was given these freakin’ awesome cowboy boots by her Granny C and Papaw (Drew’s parents) for her 2nd birthday.  They arrived in the mail today and from the minute we picked them up from the mail room until about 2 hours later Poppy did not take them off once. She even wanted to change in to her ballerina outfit and kept them on during the change–haha!  I promised Granny I would take some photos of her in the boots and of course we had to go outside and do twirls and walk over to the play area so she could play house and make me pretend to eat stones as pretend food.  It was incredibly hot once again and you can tell in the photos that shes flushed, sweaty and dirty.  But she doesn’t care one bit because now she’s a cowgirl and loves getting dusty and dirty in her new boots.

"Try these Mummy"


  1. Jonathan Maust   •  

    WHAT A LIL CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………….Drew you better buy yourself a shotgun if you don’t already have one………….your going to need it in about 14 years if not sooner…………….LOL

  2. Donna Gold   •  

    Emily, these are absolutely gorgeous she is one beautiful little gem xxxxx

  3. Georgina Hayes   •  

    A new trend, cowgirl boots and ballerina dresses! but no one will look as cute as Poppy.

  4. Granny C   •  

    Thank you for the pictures! So glad she’s enjoying the cowboy boots, she’s the prettiest Cowgirl/ballerina ever!!

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