“I want to die for the Bible”

I would invite you to read “The battle for accurate Bible translation in Asia” published on the WORLD Magazine site. In case you have not heard, there is currently a lot of discussion concerning the translation of uios theou (“Son of God”) into languages in Muslim contexts. Emily Belz’s article in WORLD Magazine presents the perspective of several indigenous pastors on the issue.

Here’s an excerpt:

Anwar Hussain, the head of the Bangladesh Bible Society, has been at the forefront of efforts in his country the last few years to repel Bible translations from various groups that change divine familial terms. Hussain grew up Muslim, and when he professed Christ as a young man, his family cut ties with him. Edward Ayub, another Christian of Muslim background, is the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh and—alongside Hussain—has vigorously opposed the translations. “I want to die for the Bible,” not a misleading translation, Ayub said. “The harm they are doing now for the church will be long-lasting.”

Read the article in full.

Oh and let me just add that there will always be a battle for “accurate Bible translation” wherever Bible translation is done: wrestling with the original texts and wrestling with the target language.

WORLD Magazine _ Translation battle _ Emily Belz _ Feb 25, 12

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