Bringing Home Bundles

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Yesterday–the same day that we sent out an email newsletter announcing the twins and that they and Mummy should be home any day now–well, that very yesternight as Poppy calls it, was the very night that everyone was discharged. If home is where the heart is, and we believe that’s spot on, then for the past eleven days, our home and heart have been divided between a Greater London flat and an even greater removed hospital room. Bringing back those bundles yesternight brought our home and heart back together.

Because I’m authoring this post the morning after, you know that we survived. All it takes is one night to come to the following deeply profound, earth-shattering observation: the thing about having twins is that it’s two babies.

The MaustsOnToast are now and forevermore (!) six: Daddy, Mummy, two girls, two boys.

You see Poppy putting the finishing touches on baby George’s hat while Henry looks on quizzically and Florence does what parents hope newborns do best. The twins very compliantly allowed themselves to be positioned into their protective auto pods before being inspected by a well-girthed nurse. Now picture time. Hats on, straps tight, tray tables in the upright position, Poppy then barks at big brother, “Henry! Stand behind your baby!”

Thank you for standing behind us!