Flying (Part 1)

Posing behind Uncle's van full of our luggage.

Posing behind Uncle Simon’s van full of our luggage

I gave up watching in-flight films roughly four and a half years ago.  We took Poppy on her first long haul flight when she was 18 months old.  We went to the UK for Christmas and I vowed never to fly with a toddler again.  Too bad we had to fly back to the US shortly after!  Flying with young children is a little less stressful, especially if they can focus on a game/film or colouring for a time.  But the constant interruptions are still endless.

So, you can imagine my nervousness when we faced a very long flight with one connection thrown in for good measure.  Firstly we had to get through the airport to simply get on the flight.  I had the winning formation laid out in my head:  one twin to one adult, strapped to.  Big kids in big stroller, or running along side.  Two large rucksacks, one large camera bag, one leather satchel, a rolly suitcase and two mini rucksacks in blue and pink stuffed with kinder egg toys and random bits of toot deemed irreplaceable.  I was at the point where I almost needed to sketch it out on paper just to believe it was even slightly possible.  I’m trying to think of more ridiculous things we have done as a family but I think this may have trumped the lot.

Should have hired a beast of burden

Should have hired a beast of burden

We got to the airport in plenty of time to check in our 13 (maxed out to capacity in every conceivable way) bags.  Plus the TWO car seats and a smaller umbrella stroller. It was quiet and we walked straight up to the check-in desk. We said a brief farewell to my parents (trust me it’s better that way) and headed off holding our breath.  It was, however, a complete breeze.  I’m not blowing my trumpet or calling myself Super Mum but if I didn’t believe in God I would say that the stars were all aligned that day.  We got to our gate and Drew and the kids went off to find a bite to eat.  By this time we had put both twins in the stroller and they were fast asleep.  Not too long later we were boarding.

To be continued…


  1. Debbie Winn   •  

    So amazing. I saw the photos on Facebook and knew you were being blessed- once again! Only what you deserve of course, but amazing nevertheless. Our God is good.

  2. Wendy Naine   •  

    Great to read from your perspective! Love you guys much…

  3. JW   •  

    So so wonderful to see how God answers prayer in a BIG way. Leaves us with no doubts as to who is in control.

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