Thank You for Thinking of Us

At a recent New Testament dedication, community leaders presented our organization with the traditional hat you see pictured above. We gratefully received the quaint token of thanks and smiled at its peculiar appearance: dried mud construction interwoven with thin string, studded with two horns and a clump of hair, and conveniently equipped with a black chin strap. Our amusement began to fade when a patriarch took the microphone to explain its significance. He started by thanking our organization for assisting in the translation of the New Testament into his language. He then went on to add that they were presenting us with this helmet as a symbol of the fact that we had thought of them. We had thought of their need for God’s word in their own language and had come along side to help make it happen. “Thank you for thinking of us,” he said.

An unforgettable helmet in an unforgettable moment on the occasion of an unforgettable Word.