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Cultural Influences in Bible Translation

If translation is simply representing a text in another language, then there is no room for cultural influences, right? Not quite. Imagine translating the Bible into a language that has never been written before. A native speaker is found who also speaks his country’s national language. The native speaker turned translator begins translation with the […]

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French Kissing

The French are infamous for kissing. If you visit La République française, it’s not long before you observe people greeting each other with pecks on the cheek: women kissing women, men embracing men, women kissing men, young and old alike. Where we live most of the time the greeting is comprised of two pecks, one […]

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Come and Eat

We mentioned in our latest newsletter that we’re learning a Nigerian language as practice for language learning on the field in Cameroon. One key aspect of language learning is culture learning. Linguist Greg Thomson puts it this way: “Don’t learn the language! Rather, relearn the world as it is known and shared by the people […]

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