Design Your Dream Bible

What is your dream Bible? That’s the question be asked and answered over on the Bible Buying Guide blog.

What translation would you pick? How about the number and color of ribbons? Skinny margins or wide? Sans serif font? Leather bound?

I can’t help but think of the many millions around the world today whose dream Bible would be simply the Bible in their own language. Current estimates suggest around 340 million people speaking 2078 languages may have a need for Bible translation to begin.[1. 2010 Scripture Access Statistics,] That’s millions of people who still dream of a Bible while we’re designing our dream Bible.

Retired Wycliffe translator George Cowan put it in terms of having a gourmet meal while others dine on crumbs.

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  1. Andy Reinhardt   •  

    This gives me an idea. Considering it involves the Bible if someone takes it and does it quicker, all the better. Considering how quick the world is getting wired/wireless to the Internet, and some new/old technologies for wireless transmission of power that have been working their way into things, I wonder if there could be a way to create something like a Kindle only with the expressed purpose of being a Bible that in most circumstances would have access to downloadable or cloud versions of Bibles in nearly every language imaginable, and in something like a wikia concept people who don’t have the Bible translated into their language yet could use this sort of thing to speed along the process of translation through higher interconnectivity with a greater number of experts in the field. Of course, this would require the Internet to basically be everywhere and probably be wireless as well, and it might just go that route within this decade or so.

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