In the Mountains Again

I (Emily) have been going to a Mummy’s prayer group (three English-speaking and four French-speaking) sporadically for the last few weeks.  Well it’s really just when my friend Rachel calls me up and says,  “Hey the prayer group is meeting tomorrow wanna come?”  So I can’t say every Monday morning or every other Monday morning because I really can’t remember.

Henry came with me the first couple of times and it was so cute because all the other little non-school aged children happened to be boys, too.  So there he was playing with four other much bigger boys and it was such a sweet sight.

Now that schools have broken up for summer holidays the prayer group will pause for the summer months.  So today one of the French Mummy’s (and her lovely family) hosted all the other Mummy’s and their families for a BBQ after church.  The host family lived up in the mountains in another gorgeous house with a large enclosed garden.  They had plenty of toys and a garden play set so the children had a blast!  There were 17 children altogether!!!!  And 7 sets of parents.

We went straight there after church and stayed until 7pm, having so much fun!  After playing and eating and chatting and playing some more, we all went for a little walk to see the vineyards next to their house.  The grapes won’t be ready until September unfortunately 😉  A little further on we found a mule and all the kids had fun feeding him.

Poppy skipped her nap and was so wiped out that when we left, she fell asleep in the car and once at home she went straight to bed without a proper dinner, ekk.

The only photos I have are the ones Drew snapped with his cell phone.  Today we just weren’t in the mood to use the big camera.

The back garden

Henry having his Sunday afternoon nap on Mummy

Henry pulling Sissy with the tractor (Antoine looking on)

Amazing vineyards. As you drive away and look back up at the mountain there is a wonderful pattern made by all the different fields of vineyards.

Mr Mule

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  1. Rhea   •  

    Wow, Emily that looks beautiful! How is it that I miss Henry but haven’t met him?! Must remedy that soon. What a cutie.

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