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Well, I was going to go home for lunch but seeing as the road I have to cross to get there is blocked off for presidents to pass by, I thought I’d linger to blog just a little bit.

Not are we only the MaustsOnToast, but we’re also the MaustsOnTranslation. We still regularly get asked why the name MaustsOnToast. If you’ve been wondering, but too ashamed to ask, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve provided a response right here on toast. As for the why of MaustsOnTranslation, that should be a little more obvious seeing as we’re in Africa to help with language development and the translation of the Bible into local languages. More about that over here.

Is this a good time to note that we wished we blogged more? Well, we do. But four kids–including twins–really diverts our attention away from electronic screams to tend to energetic screams. We trust you’ll understand.

We have just succeeded in sending out a newsletter to keep you abreast of our goings-ons. We send out bimonthly newsletters to update you, thank you, encourage you, inspire you, and more directly connect you to what we’re up to. We hope your heart jumps with glee those moments when you notice that the newsletter fairy has magically delivered a new edition of ‘MaustsOnTranslation’ into your inbox. If that’s not currently happening, go sign yourself up so the fairy knows your inbox is lonely. In the meantime, give the latest edition a click, it’s hot off the press today just for your reading pleasure.


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